Mohamed (Hamid) Laghouizi

I’m a maroccan person who likes to traveling, writing and meeting people. I´m also an artist (Photography).
With my wife Hadda I have two sons in the age of 12 and 15. My older son Yousef is a very good basketball player, my younger son Mehdi loves football and electronic games.

Mohamed Laghouizi and his wife HaddaMomentarily I manage the Guesthouse „Logis La Marine„. The house was build in the early 30th. in the last century. The idea of the guesthouse has started with the former owner for whom I worked for seven years as a factotum. 2008 I proposed to turn the private house to a guesthouse. The house was sold to a belgium man in 2012 who still is the owner.

I enjoy life and look for other opportunities to develop my skills and as far as I love discovering new things.

It´s my passion that leads me to persons, which gives me the chance to improve my intellectual capacities.

Mohamed Laghouizi - The Letra GameIn may 2014 I meet a french guy – Roger Hassevelde – who developed a game for children to learn writing, reading and counting: The Letra Game. It’s a social game and I’m happy to be the first one who translate it in arabic. I hope to get this new project famous all over the pan-arabic-world. Also I would like to complete my experience in journalism.

If you like to contact me …
Mohamed Laghouizi
fon: +212 0 636 38 95 83

… or just leave comment at bottom of this page.




–  Photo: Mohamed Laghouizi –


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  1. Hey, and Marion want’s to know, if you are still practicing PowerPoint ….

  2. Hello Hamid. I’m listening to „Karmix“. Look at the soundtrack-section, think you will like it.
    We are back to Hamburg. Back home. Back to earth.
    Hope you and your family are fine. Let’s stay tuned.

  3. My dear old friend Hamid

    finaly we made it to Essaouira. It was a tough ride. We are at the Emeraude Hotel now. Tomorrow we look for a Apartment.

    Things are different here. We miss you.
    I wanna hug!

    Greetings from Marion.

    No worries – your photos coming up on your page soon…

    • hello,
      thank for your mail and I can tell you that we miss you too. I hope that you will find an apartment. with my best wishes.

    • Hello Hamid and good morning from windy Sidi Kouiki.
      We find a nice and pleasant Appartment. Yesterday we finish „your blog“.
      Enyoy, Thorsten

    • hello,
      that’s very pretty. Iam vey touched.
      thank you again

  4. all what I can say is thank you very much for this nice blog. I am really glad to meet you.
    I hope the best for you.

    • Dear Hamid. We are very happy to. It´s a nice party tonight.
      Thorsten & Marion


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